Hello, I’m Sadia Akter

I am a professional Digital Marketing Expert. I have been working on Digital Marketing and Graphic Design for more than two year and also as a mentor. I have always prioritized creativity from a young age, and I love taking on creative and challenging projects. My journey has not been easy, but I believe that hard work is the key to success. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with those who aspire to achieve success in life. Let’s connect and make our dreams a reality!


Digital Marketer   /  2020 to Present

Since 2021, I have been working as a professional Digital Marketer.

Digital Marketing Mentor  /  2021 to present

I have been serving as a digital marketing mentor for the past two years.

Graphic Desiner     / 2021 to present

“Experienced Graphic Designer: Crafting Visual Excellence Since 2021”


BBA  @  MBA  /  2018 to 2023

I am currently undertaking an MBA course at Bedfordshire University,london,UK, while proudly holding an accomplished BBA Honours degree in the Accounting Department from National University.


My extensive knowledge of digital marketing strategies, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, and email marketing, has enabled me to successfully execute numerous campaigns for various clients. I possess excellent analytical skills, which allow me to identify trends and patterns in consumer behavior, and develop effective marketing strategies that drive engagement and conversions.

In summary, I am confident that my skills, experience, and passion for digital marketing make me an excellent candidate for this position. I am eager to contribute my expertise to your organization and help you achieve your marketing goals

Unveiling More About Me

As an individual in a professional capacity, my personality is characterized by a strong work ethic and dedication to my tasks. I am committed to achieving excellence in my work and consistently strive to meet and exceed expectations. Additionally, I possess effective communication skills, both written and verbal, which enable me to effectively convey ideas and collaborate with colleagues. I am highly organized and detail-oriented, ensuring that all tasks are completed accurately and efficiently. Furthermore, I am adaptable and able to work well under pressure, maintaining a calm and composed demeanor in challenging situations. Overall, my professional persona is one of professionalism, reliability, and a commitment to continuous growth and improvement.